Web DesignWe are having a vast experience in designingthe ultimate and eye-catching websites. We developcardinal and appealing websites that develop higherbrand engagement, more advanced conversions,and measurable results by integrating expertise,technology, and creativity.AccountingWe provide the support, objectivity and expertisebusinesses need to succeed within the context ofan ever-changing business landscape. We offer a broadspectrum of accounting, financial, and consultingservices across a number of industries.BO OutsourcingWith highly skilled and experienced financial,human resource and administrative staff, we provideback office accounting, administrative support,human resources support, and operations services.Outsourcing routine tasks is a smart option foranyone facing rising costs and limited resources.

Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing

Our skilled team of marketers will create, manage, and deliver top-performing social media campaigns for your business.

Email Marketing has always been in the top marketing strategies list as it helps to increase the rate of conversion as well lead generation.

Display Advertisement and Pay-per-click (PPC)

Very essential promotion strategy that utilizes raw data to display ads according to the age, occupation & location of customers. Our experts help in targeting the potential customers.

Our websites are designed to tell the story of your business, and built around achieving your particular goals.

Mobile Responsive Design and Content Management System (CMS)

Your website will look great on all devices. Manage and edit your website, at any time by yourself.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize websites to make them relevant for the search engines and grow It's reputation online. Our clients work with us because we take the time to fully understand their needs, and recommend creative solutions that work for them.

With highly skilled and experienced financial, human resource and administrative staff, we provide back office accounting, administrative support, human resources support, and operations services. Given the increasing challenges of running a successful operation, more and more organizations are looking for creative ways to build effectiveness and resiliency. Outsourcing routine tasks is a smart option for anyone facing rising costs and limited resources.

In today's environment, customers want seamless experiences - and they want it now. Any disruption or impediment to an experience risks earning their wrath, which means a faulty billing system, labyrinthine customer support process or poorly presented images or content on a website can all degrade their impression of a company.

We provide information technology development, operations and sustainment services for a variety of commercial customers. These services include cloud virtualization and infrastructure support, system administration and monitoring, software testing, and full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support. Our team of skilled professionals architect, develop, integrate, test, deploy, and maintain secure software applications and web services that are hosted in a variety of commercial virtual environments.

We implement industry best practices in project management, risk management, defect management, release management, secure coding, configuration management, and agile processes and methodologies. Our employees hold top industry certifications, which prepare them to solve challenging technical and business problems in a cost-effective, secure and timely manner.

Our approach is to use our strong accounting and finance skills to provide a creative solution that suits our clients' individual business needs.

We offer a broad spectrum of accounting, financial, and consulting services

Financial statement preparation: reviews and compilations. Income tax preparation and compliance. Income tax planning and consulting. Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting statements. Implementation of new accounting software packages. Bill paying services. Business management. Payroll and sales taxes. Accounting assistance. Bookkeeping. General ledger review. Financial assessment reports. Business start-up consulting. Budgeting and forecasting. General business consulting. Employee benefits consulting.

We understand the science of digital demand generation on a platform-specific level. Partnering with STARFX PROSOLUTIONS ensures that you will gain efficient and effective use of your in marketing dollars as well as a deep understanding of the sophisticated, ever-expanding digital landscape. Antiquated brand agencies and SEO-only/creative-only agencies don’t have the math, science, and platform expertise that is essential to maximize ROI.

A complete customer generation solution

We are obsessed with expanding your customer base and sales pipeline on an ROI+ basis. With data-driven insight into your current and target customers, we deploy incisive messaging and creative assets to the right audience at, and even before, the moment they need your products and services.

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